Ending First Worksheet

Creating a captivating presentation can be intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. You’re confronted with a blank page, the cursor blinking at you relentlessly, daring you to try to put your words and thoughts together into something coherent and compelling. Where do you even start? Should you try to craft an interesting introduction? Nail down all the main bullet points? Pull together interesting anecdotes? Let me suggest something that may sound a bit counterintuitive: start with the end in mind. The next time you sit down to work on a presentation, start by figuring out what you want your audience to do100


The Problem Of Reading From Slides

It’s one of the most common mistakes people make when presenting in front of an audience: reading directly from their slides.  It’s certainly understandable why it’s done.  Maybe you’re uncomfortable with public speaking and reading from your slides makes it feel less scary. Or maybe you didn’t have much time to prepare for your presentation and are forced to rely on the slides to guide you. Or maybe you weren’t able to practice developing stage presence, leading you to just stand on stage and look at your slides. Or maybe you don’t know how to properly craft notes so that100


What To Practice When You Don’t Have An Upcoming Speech

In the first post of this two-part series we talked about how to focus your practice time for an upcoming speech. But most of the time you probably aren’t seven days away from presenting. That’s a great time to work on the parts of presenting that aren’t dependent on the words you’re saying. Even if you don’t have an upcoming speech, it’s still incredibly valuable to practice your delivery. When the time comes to give a speech, you’ll be fully prepared and comfortable with your own delivery style.  What specifically should you practice? Here are a few things.  Stand Without100


How to Become a Great Speaker in 10 Minutes Per Day

The classic maxim, “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail,” is extremely true when it comes to public speaking. If you have to deliver a speech and haven’t practiced your delivery, you’re going to fail.  Here’s the stark reality: You are the presentation.  Yes, your arguments, illustrations, facts, and anecdotes certainly matter. But if these things are delivered in a flat, uninspired way, they won’t resonate with the audience. Your speech will fall flat, failing to motivate your listeners and becoming mostly forgettable.  Stage presence is vital to motivation and audience and just as important as the presentation itself.  The good news100


How to Catapult Your Career

We live in an age of shareable content. From memes that go viral to TED talks that rack up millions of views, if a piece of content is entertaining, informative, or highly compelling, it can generate thousands of shares and be seen by millions of people.  And those that know how to create compelling, enthralling, shareable content can generate massive amounts of exposure for themselves. For example, Brene Brown catapulted her career through powerful presentations she gave at various conferences. Her talks have been viewed millions of times on YouTube and have propelled her to the top of the best-seller lists. She100