About Us

Design is storytelling.

Design is information.

Design is communication.

The artistry and creativity needed to make a project truly memorable is constant. The team we’ve built at Artitudes possesses artistry and creativity that transcends the tools. That’s why our clients have put their trust in us to create exceptional design.

What we’re truly proud of, beyond the beautiful work we create and the team we’ve built, is how much we give back. Artitudes is not just an award-winning creative agency, we’re passionate about giving back to our community. Over the last 20+ years, Artitudes has donated thousands of hours in services. Artitudes prepares meals for individuals suffering from mental illness and addiction, provides art and supplies to children in public schools, and aids in finding foster children their forever homes.


We take a strategic view on marketing communications, focusing not just on the individual communication elements but the broader story we’re trying to tell. We focus on translating internal jargon into understandable messages, so the story and the storyteller are clear and compelling.


We’ve developed communications for individuals, small businesses, corporations and enterprise clients. We have created effective and compelling marketing for key audiences including; non-profits, consumers, corporations, retail, finance, press, analysts and internal staff.


We are equal parts idea makers and heavy-lifters. We see both the forest and the trees. We dream BIG, but also think through the steps to get real results. We know communications is not just about conveying information; it’s about moving audiences. We have the strategic acumen, visual instincts, and creativity it takes to craft powerful stories that captivate the heart and mind.


We believe it takes extraordinary teamwork to produce extraordinary results. We have a knack for building effective teams and working with diverse styles and disciplines. We get the job done and have fun along the way.


We thrive on the support we gain from each other, our clients, and our community, so giving back is truly in our DNA. We offer team members 40 hours of PTO annually to volunteer at non-profit organizations. We also donate design services to support philanthropic groups such as TEDx Seattle, Changes Parent Support Network, Matt Talbot Center, and The Trail Youth.


The strength of an ecosystem depends on its diversity. Every voice and every eye on the Artitudes team contributes a unique perspective to communicate meaning and set your brand apart from competitors. We represent a wide array of backgrounds, age groups, identification, and experience and work with a vast and exciting rainbow of clientele. We stand for inclusion, contribution, and pride in differences. We continue to learn and grow from every person behind every brand we polish. We are proud of our crowd at Artitudes.

CEO and Creative Principle

Andrea Heuston

VP of Operations

John Litten

Director of Client Relations

Bodil Rosenhagen

VP of Creative

Stephen Ahlbom

Project Manager

Ashley Curtin

Business Operations Manager

Carrie Searing

Senior Graphic Designer

Kate Race

Senior Graphic Designer

Kaylee Long

Graphic Designer

Grace Kim

Senior Motion Designer

Heather Arment