Our Services


We help our clients communicate their ideas simply and beautifully. As a full-service graphic design firm, we develop branding systems for start-ups, refresh identities for growing corporations, craft moving illustrations to simply explain complex messages, and design engaging document layouts.

Motion graphics

With motion graphics and video, we put your vision in motion. We create one-of-a-kind motion graphics videos tailored to your story, your message and your brand. If you are looking to get attention online, or add interest to your presentation, a motion graphic video can help you tell a big story quickly.


Presentation design requires expertise in speaker support, storytelling, event support, visual concepts, timed transition and motion design. We excel at bringing these elements together to tell your story. We breathe life into your presentations, so you can captivate, motivate, and inspire your audience.


We provide event planning and support along with branding and signage, keynote and breakout deck design. We also offer onsite presentation support and coordination with designers who are experienced at working behind the scenes with your team to make your event engaging and memorable.

virtual events

Travel restrictions and unforeseen cancellations are forcing professionals to rethink how they host events. But with every challenge there is an opportunity to reimagine the future! Virtual events keep businesses moving and attendees connected.

Virtual events also reduce overhead and capture every essential moment that can later be accessed for a lifetime of value. They extend your outreach from local to national to global. Not only do they attract more attendees because of their accessibility, but they also attract more presenters because of their flexibility.

Whether your audience is 50 or 50,000, You + Artitudes = Creative Engagement for your next Virtual Event.

Speaker training

Communicate with Confidence!

Whether you’re an experienced speaker or novice giving your first performance, gain confidence and skill with an Artitudes Personal Performance Coach.

You’ll speak with confidence, hold your audience’s attention, and ensure they retain your content long after leaving the building or screen. Best of all, you’ll take your training with you! Presenters who work with our Personal Performance Coaches report a better connection with their audience and newfound confidence in public speaking!


Our carefully vetted formula provides the foundation for your pitch. Our clients have collectively raised millions of dollars through VC funding, angel funding, crowd funding, and more. 10 core slides tell your story so investors can clearly see the value in your idea. We’ll study your business concept, data, and history, then create a comprehensive deck using charts, graphs, and imagery to showcase the solid foundation and future of your company. We’ll help you determine your audience and craft language nuanced for clarity and investor call-to-action. Artitudes is also available as your design partner beyond the initial pitch, creating content for social media, digital marketing, brand strategy, animated explainer videos, and other tools.