Creating thoughtfully branded visual experiences.

Artitudes is a 100% Woman owned and led communications solution provider. We work collaboratively with clients to design, develop, and deliver relevant, impactful, actionable, communications. Our exceptional graphic and motion/video design as well as, our speaker coaching and event management services will help you enhance your communications effectiveness and exceed your business goals and expectations.

Our Clients


Graphic Design

We help our clients communicate their ideas simply and beautifully. As a full-service graphic design firm, we develop branding systems for start-ups, refresh identities for growing corporations, craft moving illustrations to simply explain complex messages, and design engaging document layouts.

Motion graphics

With motion graphics and video, we put your vision in motion. We create one-of-a-kind motion graphics videos tailored to your story, your message and your brand. If you are looking to get attention online, or add interest to your presentation, a motion graphic video can help you tell a big story quickly.


Presentation design requires expertise in speaker support, storytelling, event support, visual concepts, timed transition and motion design. We excel at bringing these elements together to tell your story. We breathe life into your presentations, so you can captivate, motivate, and inspire your audience.


We provide event planning and support along with branding and signage, keynote and breakout deck design. We also offer onsite presentation support and coordination with designers who are experienced at working behind the scenes with your team to make your event engaging and memorable.

virtual events

Virtual events reduce overhead and capture every essential moment that can later be accessed for a lifetime of value. They extend your outreach from local to national to global. Not only do they attract more attendees because of their accessibility, but they also attract more presenters because of their flexibility.


As live and virtual event specialists, we provide training for speakers and storytellers. Whether it's working with you to craft a compelling narrative from the ground up, or polishing your stage presence, we have specialized training for every aspect of your presentation.