How to Catapult Your Career

Title: How to Catapult Your Career

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Post Date: July 29, 2019

We live in an age of shareable content. From memes that go viral to TED talks that rack up millions of views, if a piece of content is entertaining, informative, or highly compelling, it can generate thousands of shares and be seen by millions of people.

And those that know how to create compelling, enthralling, shareable content can generate massive amounts of exposure for themselves. For example, Brene Brown catapulted her career through powerful presentations she gave at various conferences. Her talks have been viewed millions of times on YouTube and have propelled her to the top of the best-seller lists. She is now considered one of the most prominent thought leaders in her field and has attracted an audience of millions.

Massive Implications
The new “shareable” economy has massive implications for the way you speak to audiences. If you can create
compelling and captivating presentations, your impact can spread well beyond the confines of the boardroom
or conference audience.

You have the potential to reach millions of people. You have the ability to create numerous conversations
around your personal brand, to become a thought leader in your industry, and to be known as the go-to person
in your area of expertise. Your impact as an informed opinion leader can extend well beyond the people in the

Many Obstacles
But this isn’t a particularly easy task. While it’s true that you have all the knowledge you need to be a thought
leader, you probably don’t have the time to develop the skills necessary to be an engaging speaker. After all,
you’re a busy professional with numerous responsibilities. Trying to find the time to develop your public
speaking skills feels difficult, if not impossible.

And even if you did have the time, would you know where to start? How do you create a mesmerizing
presentation? What makes for a compelling speech? How do you hit all the right emotional buttons? How do
you deliver a presentation in such a way that it propels you to thought-leader status?

Because here’s the thing: connecting with people in a way that resonates on a deep, emotional level requires
more than just a slide presentation. You can’t simply present information to your audience and expect them to
resonate with what you say. No, you must combine creativity and simplicity. You need to be able to make
difficult concepts digestible, all while coming across as credible and someone to be trusted. And you need to
be able to weave stories throughout in a way that draws the listener in. The simple truth is that compelling
presentations are an art that few have mastered.

The bottom line really is that you need to be able to connect with your listener in such a profound way that they
are moved to take action. You need to be able to generate emotion that leads to motion; to be able to strike a
nerve with your audience on a deep level – a level that few others are able to reach.

Help is Available
This is where Artitudes comes in. We help our clients create presentations that absolutely wow audiences.
Presentations that create powerful, emotional experiences that boost the audience’s perception of the speaker
as the go-to person in their field. We create presentations that leave the audience wanting more and that
increase their reputation as an expert in their industry.

But a presentation is much more than the sum of the slides on the screen! The key is to deliver high value to
your audience and it must be done in a way that is confident, engaging, and portrays you as the most
knowledgeable person on your topic. You must be able to command the attention of the audience. At Artitudes,
we guide you to deliver with confidence, so the focus is on the value you bring, solidifying your leadership.

The more you deliver compelling, creative, high-value presentations, the more you’ll develop the reputation as
a thought-leader. You become a rockstar in your field, the one others look to for guidance and expertise. You
build your personal brand and attract new clients that you wouldn’t otherwise. Your social media footprint
expands and you find yourself interacting with high-profile people in your industry you thought were
unapproachable. Your influence dramatically expands, both within your organization and within your field. And
you can get audiences big and small to take the action you want.

Will you take advantage of the age of shareable content? Will you capitalize on the opportunity that lies before
you? With strategic action, you can catapult yourself to the top of your industry. You can reap the benefits of
being a thought leader. You can command the attention of thousands of people.

Getting to the “How”
This article is launching a new content series where we pull back the curtain on “the how” of thought leader
presentations. We’ll share from our years of experience supporting leaders who have climbed the ranks in their
field, so you can get on your way to being a rock star.