BlogEmployee Spotlight: Bodil Rosenhagen

Employee Spotlight: Bodil Rosenhagen

Artitudes welcomed Bodil Rosenhagen to the team in the early fall last year and she filled an important gap in our social and professional structure. With a digital rolodex as dense and vast as our Pacific Northwest forests, Bodil’s natural networking skills helped us access the avenues of creative expansion we’d been dreaming of. (Hello, TEDx Seattle!)

Bodil is a flash of logic in a topsy-turvy world – a voice of reason in a sea of creatives who pour their hearts into projects, oblivious to the machinations of business. When our design team is too busy to come up for air (usually), Bodil is the nightlight in the dark hallway guiding us to the finish line. Thanks for keeping us grounded, Bodil!

But Bodil is not all business and networking. She’s the person who calls just to check in and offer whatever assistance is needed. Bodil has been known to drive 6 hours round trip to deliver a hard drive at a moment’s notice or drop everything and run to Seattle to pick up products for a photo shoot. She is always busy, but never too busy to support the team.

Bodil is a beacon of encouragement and always a fun person to run off with for a mid-day lunch escape. Besides, when you get her outside of work mode, you get to hear all about life in Germany when she was a wild and crazy kid traipsing through the Alps without supervision. (If you ever hear that story, you won’t soon forget it.) But even if you don’t get to go hang out with Bodil in a Seattle bar, you can learn a few more details below!


What do you do at Artitudes Design?

I am a connector – ensuring that the right people and right resources are being put together to ensure a successful project



I have an almost two-year-old dog which I love dearly and two cats who can’t stand me (it is mutual – they ruined more furniture items than my daughter with all her friends ever did).


Guilty Food Obsession

Let’s not talk about this one – but I love some good European chocolate



BA in hotel and restaurant management, Calw Germany, CMP


3 words that describe me

Ethical, honest,  and reliable  or Extrovert, Organized and Personable


Couldn’t do my job without

Sticky notes


Famous For

I make more holiday cookies than anybody I can think of


Nick Names

No nick names for me 😊

(author’s note: but her middle name is super cool: Dorothee!)