BlogEmployee Spotlight: Kaylee McAvoy

Employee Spotlight: Kaylee McAvoy

A mighty 2021 addition to the Artitudes design team is Kaylee McAvoy! Kaylee comes from a long and pedigreed background in presentation design. We knew she was talented, but we weren’t prepared for her unprecedented speed. Kaylee makes mincemeat out of PowerPoint slides and animations, charts and graphs, PhotoShop post-processing, and just about anything else that crosses her desktop. She has an insatiable appetite for design and her skill and enthusiasm are second to none.

In fact, you might even say that Kaylee is never satisfied. Once she batts every project out of the field, she looks around for what to do next. Need a bigger motion graphics and video editing team? Kaylee’s down! Does she know how to do it? No! But she’ll teach herself a ton by next week and by next month, the motion graphics team has a pretty dang efficient protégé’ to support their workload.

But don’t get me wrong: Kaylee is no workaholic. She might be killing it 8AM to-5PM, but when the day’s work is done, she is a devoted mom to her dogs and frogs. She feeds them, reads them a bedtime story, and tucks them in tight. Then she tiptoes out the door, shutting it quietly behind her, slips into her cowboy boots and takes off to the line-dancing bar to tear up the floor! You never cease to amaze us, Kaylee.

Now that you know a bit about Kaylee, I’ll let her fill you in on the details:


What do you do at Artitudes Design?

Graphic design, mostly PowerPoint presentations



One yorkie poo (Phoebe), one greyhound (retired racer, Nova), several aquatic frogs, and tropical fish


Guilty Food Obsession

Bundt cake



Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Fine Art and Multimedia from Northwest College of Art


3 words that describe me

Compassionate, reliable, introvert. (author’s note: a line-dancing introvert??)                                    


Couldn’t do my job without

Lots and lots of tea!


Famous For

Line dancing


Nick Names

Lorraine (the bartender at line dancing thought I looked like a Lorraine and started using it on my tab)

(author’s note: an introvert with a bar tab?? Go figure.)