BlogEmployee spotlight: Kate Race

Employee spotlight: Kate Race

Apart from having the coolest name ever, Kate Race brings elegance and sophistication to our wild and scrappy team at Artitudes. Kate has been at Artitudes the longest of anyone on the design team and her legacy provides us with wisdom only she can bring.

Kate is deeply creative and passionate about her design work, engaging with clients on a cerebral level to understand the mission and the message. Applying her rich experience and perspective, Kate can take a roughly tossed idea and turn it into a thing of engaging beauty and information.

From her work backstage running live events to her whimsical in-deck animations, clients can always depend on Kate to make them feel supported, understood, and capable of delivering a unique, on-brand presentation.

But Kate is not just about wisdom and refinement. She’s that comment in a meeting that makes everyone do an on-screen double-take. And don’t go thinking she’s heading off to bed if there’s a party going on. Heck no: Kate is the party. And she’s bringing the wine!

What do you do at Artitudes Design?

I’m a senior designer for PowerPoint/print/web


At the moment, only 2 cats (have had up to 4); Clicquot (see guilty food obsession) a tortoiseshell calico and Luna, a grey tabby pandemic kitten.

Guilty Food Obsession

Good champagne and chocolate, preferably together!


Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a Graphic Degree option at the University of Idaho. I always wondered at people being impressed that I graduated from there, until I realized that I was telling them I graduated from Moscow. (The University of Idaho is in Moscow, Idaho.)

3 words that describe me


Couldn’t do my job without

A latte, a stack of blank paper and a sharpie next to my computer.

Famous For

Being totally distracted by any animals or wildlife in the area, no matter what I’m doing or where I am. A bit like the “squirrel!” syndrome that dogs have.