BlogEmployee Spotlight: Carrie Searing

Employee Spotlight: Carrie Searing

The truth is, without Carrie Meredith Searing, clockwork operations at Artitudes would come to a grinding halt. Everything that happens behind the scenes in this small but mighty woman-owned business is juggled, finagled, de-fanged, and tamed to kitten status under this amazing woman’s experienced and watchful eye.

Carrie has been the high-octane fuel in Artitudes’ engine for nearly 16 years and frankly we don’t thank her enough. Designers get accolades for their brilliant work, while Carrie makes sure they get their paychecks and health insurance, business stays compliant in a multitude of ways, taxes get filed, employee handbooks get updated, and everyone has working equipment. Where is Carrie’s applause, people? Give it up for Carrie! (Bring her out from behind the velvet curtain….) Carrie, take a bow.

Besides her powers of syncopation, Carrie is known around Artitudes for her QA eagle-eye. Incorrect dates, commas, overused words, logical fallacies, missing data, and hanging indents are struck where they stand by her mighty red pen.

Besides being a seriously competent and fabulous Operations Manager and editor, Carrie is our HR guru, always willing to be our emotional-support person who is never above donning a Sasquatch suit for laughs. What other gems might you fathom from the depths of mysterious, behind-the-scenes, Carrie? Read on to find out:


What do you do at Artitudes Design?

I am the Operations Manager served with a side of Executive Assistant and proofreader


After fostering 35+ dogs over the years, my family adopted a chocolate lab/hound/pit in 2021.

Guilty Food Obsession

Mozzarella sticks and I am absolutely not guilty about it.


BA in Journalism & Public Relations from Western Washington University

3 words that describe me

Loyal, dependable, feisty.

Couldn’t do my job without

My fabulous team – but really, Diet Coke and Sticky-Notes

Famous For

In my high school senior yearbook, I was voted “Nicest Hair”, so I am kind of still riding that high.

Nick Names

Formerly called “I don’t Carrie” from one of my favorite co-workers of all time. Mostly because he thought I didn’t care about anything. But I really, really do.