Employee Spotlight: Founder and CEO, Andrea Heuston

Many people like to take long walks on the beach, but for Andrea, the sea outside her home in Ocean Shores, WA is her energy and inspiration.

Andrea is a graduate of the school of hard knocks and a scholar of persistence and patience. Living through life’s biggest challenges has made her the strong leader she is today. Chronicled in her best-selling memoir, Stronger on the Other Side, Andrea’s success has been a literal trial by fire. South Sound Business’ weekly feature “On the Books” called Stronger on the Other Side one of the year’s best books to help professionals feel empowered.

Andrea is a coach and advocate for women in business, an active member of the Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBEC) and Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and frequent keynote speaker and contributor at entrepreneurial events.

Her weekly podcast, Lead Like a Woman enjoys a devoted following and inspires women to overcome social and cultural trappings to become their best selves. Her LinkedIn article, “Never Apologize for Being a Strong Woman” attracted over a million readers in a single month. You might say she is on a mission to help women gain status and success in business, in leadership, and in life.

Andrea’s business style matches her personal style. She is authentic, unapologetic, curious, stubborn, empathetic, and always ready to laugh and learn. Clients and employees alike turn to her for inspiration and advice, drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from 30 years in design, tech, and leadership.

Andrea is the devoted mother of two sons and two dogs. She lives in Washington where she is at work on her second book as she continues the journey of leading and growing Artitudes Design, inspiring women, and coaching presenters on virtual and live stages around the country.

Favorite Quote: “I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” ~ Carl Jung

Famous for: Being kicked out of Girl Scouts in the 4th grade for saying “My way is better!”

Note: Andrea wants you to know she did not write this Spotlight and had no control over the author’s blatant enthusiasm.