BlogEmployee Spotlight: Grace Kim

Employee Spotlight: Grace Kim

While we’re madly rushing around, heads-down, sweating those pressing deadlines, there’s one designer on the Artitudes team who always keeps her cool. Grace is an Artitudes employee who lives up to her name, diffusing stressful situations with ease, motivating her teammates, and always ready to jump in and help on a moment’s notice.

Grace is a designer who can take a hum drum subject and spin it instantly fun and engaging. Her glass is always half-full, and her generous nature means whatever’s left in the glass she’ll share with you. She is known around Artitudes as a designer who clears out roadblocks to make things happen, lending her unique, energetic creativity and perspective.

Grace is resourceful and always happy to research new topics, update her skills, and gain awareness of dawning cultural movements. We’re so used to having Grace around to lift our spirits, we are known to declare that a day without sunshine is a day without Grace — even here in rainy Washington.


Want to know Grace better? (I mean, who wouldn’t?) read on:


Grace, what do you do at Artitudes Design?

I’m a Graphic designer and I specialize in creating marketing content.


Do you have any pets?

No! But I would like to get a dog someday.


What is your guilty food obsession?

Microwaved pie with ice cream or a boozy drink.


What are your educational accomplishments?

BFA in Visual Communications and New Media from Seattle Pacific University


What 3 words describe you?

Trying new things.


What couldn’t you do your job without?

My creative weapon of choice – Pilot G2 0.38 black


Do you have any nick names?

Gracie or my Korean name: Sang-a