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For a few years, I’ve been volunteering with a wonderful organization called “Heartland Greyhound Adoption” that works directly with some of the racing greyhound kennel owners to place retired racers into loving homes. The greyhounds are retired from racing for a variety of reasons, including just not being interested in racing (they only race dogs […]

Artitudes welcomed Bodil Rosenhagen to the team in the early fall last year and she filled an important gap in our social and professional structure. With a digital rolodex as dense and vast as our Pacific Northwest forests, Bodil’s natural networking skills helped us access the avenues of creative expansion we’d been dreaming of. (Hello, […]

A mighty 2021 addition to the Artitudes design team is Kaylee McAvoy! Kaylee comes from a long and pedigreed background in presentation design. We knew she was talented, but we weren’t prepared for her unprecedented speed. Kaylee makes mincemeat out of PowerPoint slides and animations, charts and graphs, PhotoShop post-processing, and just about anything else […]

You Can Do It! You’ve likely heard of accessibility and the movement toward reaching a greater number of people across a wider array of capabilities. But you may be wondering exactly how to make your presentation accessible to more people, such as those with visual and auditory disabilities and those with cognitive differences. Accessible design […]

The truth is, without Carrie Meredith Searing, clockwork operations at Artitudes would come to a grinding halt. Everything that happens behind the scenes in this small but mighty woman-owned business is juggled, finagled, de-fanged, and tamed to kitten status under this amazing woman’s experienced and watchful eye. Carrie has been the high-octane fuel in Artitudes’ […]